Hi my name is Irma Schutte.
I offer individual healing services and group experiences to men and women who are ready to radically discontinue old patterns of trauma so that they may transcend their anxiety, depression, burnout and addictions and create passionate and pleasurable lives. 
I am committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment so my clients can get out of their minds, drop into their bodies, release what no longer serves them, relax and activate their self healing mechanisms.

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Trauma - a way home

Trauma - a way home

The retreat recommended I fast for 10 days. Said if I could go without food, then I would go within, let go of the pain. Said my mind would feel l...

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My Story

The year I turned 30 my sister committed suicide and my Mum died of cancer. I did not process or release my trauma. I did not honour my grief. I tried to disconnect from the pain. I traded my authenticity for social approval. I cloaked my vulnerability with fabricated positive pretence. I used anger to camouflage my sadness.

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