Ceremonies - why they are good for our health

At some point, you and I shifted out of community-based societies, where we met regularly in circles and gatherings to laugh, heal and share.

We drifted into living in tiny isolated ‘boxes’.

These boxes kept us safe and separate. Separate from each other, and then, eventually…separate from ourselves.

Depression, anxiety, addiction and skyrocketing levels of stress crept into this new society…to the point where chronic disease became more typical than health.

And so many people began giving up on finding vitality, joy, meaning and fulfillment. They just carried on.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is a longing deep within all of us to connect, to belong, to feel safe. 

When we come together with a common goal—a goal in service to our collective evolution—we thrive. We heal. We grow. That’s the power of ceremony.

In this age of isolation we need nourishing and uplifting means of creating community by bringing together members of different generations as our ancestors did.

Ceremonies, which are a series of actions performed in a specific way have been part of human existence for thousands of years. Ceremonies fill our life with meaning. They help to build community, promoting cooperation. Ceremonies reduce anxiety, improve performance and confidence and even works on people who don't believe in them. Ceremonies benefit our physical well being and immune system.

We live amid a loneliness epidemic where the lack of belonging and community has been linked to high suicide rates and an increased sense of despair. We are intensely social and ritualistic as a species.

Ceremonies support me in my healing. Ceremonies remind me that I am not alone. Fill me with gratitude. Help me find stillness. Opens my heart. Enables me to hear the truth of who I am. I work through blockages and past traumas, and dissolve any pent up negative energy. Ceremonies is a time when I purposefully give myself mental and physical space and peace. I get to switch off and retreat inwards. It helps me gain clarity on where I am and where I am headed.

This is why it is so important for me to create a safe, respectful and meaningful space during the ceremonies and sound healings I offer. My hope is that others might reconnect to themselves - even just for a moment. If you’re interested in attending a cacao ceremony and sound healing visit https://irmaschutte.com/collections/events

These gatherings connect us. Connection heals and infuses our ordinary lives with extraordinary meaning. Purpose. Value.

I am so grateful to be of service to you in this way.

With humble gratitude.
I x