Mindful Medicine

I need to get something off my heart... Something important. Your healing is sacred. Be mindful of who you align yourself with in an unregulated world of natural ‘medicine’. Especially sacred ancient medicine. Be mindful of where your ‘medicine’ comes from. Is it ethical? Or is it exploitive of the earth, the plants, the animals, the farmers and their communities? Your ‘medicine’ comes at a cost. 
How high is it?  Be brave and ask the big questions. Do your homework. And what is your INTENT in taking these ‘medicines’? Embarking on these ‘spiritual’ journeys?  Be mindful. Be mindful of the ‘practitioner’, the ‘shaman’ you work with.  What is their intent?  How authentic are they? Are they qualified to hold space for you?  How safe are you?  Did they receive your full medical history?  Did they consider drug interactions? Was this even mentioned or discussed? In what kind of environment are you taking these ‘medicines’?
What kind of integration does your ‘healer’ offer you once you’ve had the ‘medicine’? Are they willing to support you emotionally as you release, download and unravel? You’re doing big inner transformational work. You need support. 
Be mindful please. 
The ‘healing’ ‘spiritual’ INDUSTRY is booming. 
Money can over shadow kindness and integrity. 
Be incredibly mindful. 
And be clear on YOUR INTENT. 
I observe many people who take ‘medicine’ for social and recreational kicks. 
In the name of spirituality I observe the exploitation of sacred ground. 
I observe to loss of ancient traditions. 
I observe and it concerns me. 
Your healing is a sacred journey. 
Be mindful of what you do and who you do it with…please.