When things fell apart - what I really needed the day I hit rock bottom

In July 2015 I went into a medical detox program at a respite care facility after suffering a psychological crisis fuelled by immobilised, undischarged trauma and dangerously high levels of drinking.

6 weeks later, I remember being instilled with fear when I left rehab because I was insistent on not taking the suggested prescribed medicines routinely used to control alcohol cravings, mood, anxiety and sleep.

Instead, I called on my training to find hope for myself.

I was judged, criticised and rejected by many mainstream recovery professionals.
I still am.

Following my heart and standing up for what I truly, deeply believe in has come at a price. My healing and recovery has felt lonely and scary. Many times I’ve doubted myself.

And yet, I cannot be quiet about my experience. I feel compelled to speak about it.

Yes, I have a lot to say after being on the receiving end of the mental health care system.

Healing should not make us feel disempowered. The people we seek guidance from during our most vulnerable times should not make us doubt our body’s incredible self healing mechanisms. Those with prescription power should not create more damage than what has all ready been done.
This, to me, is not healing.

And why is trauma not spoken of in addiction recovery rooms?

Paradigms for mental and emotional healing have to change; more rapidly than ever. Our mental health is in crisis. And I believe we can each make a difference by standing up for what we believe in and taking back our power.

True empowered healing is the acceptance of my personal authority. And when I am empowered I know I can choose the direction and execution of my own energy.

This, to me, is freedom.

I am committed to help others take back their power. I will continue to remind my clients to trust the wisdom of their bodies, that their bodies can heal, will heal. And I will forever help those who feel trapped in darkness remember who they truly are - Self healing, divine, human expressions of love who have the ability to radically release their trauma and transform their circumstances...because this is what I needed to remember when I hit rock bottom.

I x