Why releasing our trauma matters

I’m committed to speak about trauma.
I know it’s not sexy.

It’s real.

But mention the word trauma and most people try to change the subject.

It’s confronting.
We avoid it.
We try to dismiss it.
We’d rather discuss the weather or what we had for dinner than talk about our trauma.

Suppression comes at a cost. Where there’s trapped trauma depression, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, inflammation, physical pain and burnout follows. And yet, despite this knowledge, trauma release continues to be the most neglected gateway to our healing.

And it’s not our fault. Society is emotionally sterile. The too sad, too angry, too broken, too abused don’t feel safe to express their feelings of grief, rage, fear, loneliness. Don’t feel safe to be real, raw, messy as they process their pain. Don't feel safe to ask for help. Instead, our feelings are medicalised. This benefits a health care system controlled by pharmaceutical giants. And prescriptions hold the empty promise of an instant happier life. At what cost? Do we ever allow ourselves to get to the core of our pain by trying to medicate it away? 

We live amidst a modern day loneliness epidemic. We’ve never felt more isolated, afraid or misunderstood and yet, we continue to overlook the importance of trauma release treatments.

I see too many beings who suffer because they carry around trapped trauma in their bodies and don’t know how to release it. Many don't even realise that unresolved trauma is the real reason why they feel distorted, out of ease, broken.

When we feel safe enough to release our trauma it activates our body’s incredible self healing mechanisms. For a moment our bodies relax. Our central nervous system resets and regulates itself. This incredible self-healing mechanism transforms how we experience our minds, bodies and lives. It shifts how we relate to our environment. It changes how we view our circumstances. This is both liberating and empowering.

Trauma release is deep work and there are many ways to wash away the pain from our body and elevate ourselves to a higher state of being without the need to cathartically release. It takes time and support. However, the long term benefits trauma release has on one's mental, emotional and physical health make it a valuable process.


I will talk about this.
Even if it makes me unpopular or unliked.
I will continue to talk about it.


It’s the most neglected gateway to our individual and collective healing.

I’m wholeheartedly committed to making trauma release more mainstream. Would you like to join me?