Irma Schutte

15 December - CACAO, Your Ultimate Guide, Hamilton workshop


! Due to popular demand !


Cacao is so much more than just a rich and creamy chocolatey drink. If you want to deepen your connection with this plant and the earth, understand how its therapeutic properties can heal your life, learn how to honour its spiritual significance, build it into your daily self care practises, and become an even more conscious consumer, then this workshop will leave you feeling inspired and informed so that you can start using cacao in a more mindful and powerful way. Cacao wants to infuse your every day busy life with more love, warmth and joy! 

In this workshop you will discover how this ancient plant can be used therapeutically for: 
〰️Trauma healing
〰️Mental health i.e depression, anxiety, PTSD
〰️Addiction recovery  
〰️Womb healing
〰️Sleep disorders

How cacao can be used to:
〰️Enhance your love making
〰️Elevate your meditation practice
〰️Bring more pleasure into your body
〰️Induce an ecstatic conscious high (fun tips here if you want to party sober!)

Also, you will learn how to use this high vibrational plant with the right intent to raise the consciousness of this planet and heal our communities. Cacao is a powerful heart medicine and it's about giving back, not just taking. 

Very importantly, you will learn about ethical, safe and sustainable sources of cacao. As a conscious consumer it is your responsibility to educate yourself. 

And lastly, you won't go home until you've discovered new and delicious ways to make your very own special cacao in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

End your year on a conscious high!


Date: Sunday, 15 December 2019

Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Location: Sun Salute Yoga Centre, 394 Grey Street, Hamilton

Exchange: $60





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