Irma Schutte

Raw Cacao Powder



  • 100% pure & honest Peruvian cacao
  • Makes an indulgent, creamy & rich beverage
  • Only hot water and nut milk needed (add sweeter and spices if desired)
  • Carefully maintained below temperatures of 45 degrees throughout production
  • Certified organic and ethical
  • Grown using sustainable agroforestry farming methods
  • Direct from farm to table

Each cup of Mamamuti Cacao lovingly connects you directly to the farmers and communities in the cacao growing region of Northern Peru. Mamamuti Cacao is produced in areas where for years there were issues with the cocaine industry, farmer exploitation and extreme poverty. The cacao farmers had no option than to be part of the growing of these illegal crops. Thankfully these rich, fertile lands have now been rescued and the farmers have returned to their thousand year old tradition of cultivating some of the worlds best cacao. This special heart opening strain of organic Central Amazonian cacao promotes biodiversity and improves soil fertility.

Your purchase helps to create a sustainable, ethical, honest and social responsible super food future. We at Mamamuti want to thank you for being a conscious consumer.

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